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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ZHCx’s Project Experience?

Durr LibraryWhen you engage ZHCx for your commissioning needs, you are selecting a partner with over 10 years of commissioning experience, nearly 20 years of construction experience, and the experience gained from successfully commissioning over 75 projects.

ZHCx has experience commissioning HVAC, electrical power and lighting, communications technology, plumbing, fire suppression, and elevator systems on various project types including: health care, financial, retail, office, education, and civic facilities.


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Building Commissioning


Maintenance Consultation

Energy Solutions


Why ZHCx?

By creating and adhering to the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR), ZHCx understands your expectations and has the experience in the industry to deliver them.  Our business is a business of accountability; and this includes ZHCx.  That is why we continually test not only your building’s systems against the OPR, but ourselves as well.

MoerleinWe are here to do more than just hand you a deficiency report and walk away.  At ZHCx, we are just as concerned about resolving a problem as we are identifying it.  It is our intention to correct as many problems as we can while on site with the installing contractor, rather than perform a test and leave.  Our experience has shown working with people is a powerful way to solve problems. Read more »

Why Building Commissioning?

“We hire design professionals and reputable contractors to design and build our buildings; why would I spend more money to hire a commissioning provider?’’