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Energy Solutions

What Does “Energy Solutions” Mean?

For ZH Commissioning, Energy Solutions is defined as a common sense approach to reducing the utility costs for your building(s). By identifying past and current energy use data, comparing that to like buildings, and developing a goal to reduce costs, we develop the energy solution that is right for you.

Why Manage Energy?Energy Solutions

As energy prices continue to climb (with or without rate hikes), the costs to heat, cool, and light your building also increase. A good Energy Solution will help to lower those costs while also reducing equipment stress and run-times.

Lowering your energy costs is good business, and when done right, can be great business. Our solutions will be tailored to you and your facility, will make common as well as business sense, and be sustainable for years to come.

We aren’t here to sell you new equipment; we focus on making the systems you have work to the best of their ability.