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Why ZHCx?

By creating and adhering to the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR), ZHCx understands your expectations and has the experience in the industry to deliver them.  Our business is a business of accountability; and this includes ZHCx.  That is why we continually test not only your building’s systems against the OPR, but ourselves as well.

MoerleinWe are here to do more than just hand you a deficiency report and walk away.  At ZHCx, we are just as concerned about resolving a problem as we are identifying it.  It is our intention to correct as many problems as we can while on site with the installing contractor, rather than perform a test and leave.  Our experience has shown working with people is a powerful way to solve problems.

ZHCx is about filling the voids.  One of the biggest voids exists when your building is turned over to you.  Not only does industry standard training not completely cover how to operate your building, it severely lacks in educating you on the principles of the operation.  This is why we include a complete Systems Manual at the end of our projects as a standard.  Our intent is to educate you and the care takers of your building not only how to operate it, but why.

We are dedicated to spending the time it takes to get to know you and your building.  Why? That’s what it takes to properly commission any building system.  We believe in order to bring the full potential value that commissioning has to offer you, we must do more than offer empty recommendations from the sidelines.   This is one reason we do not advocate sample testing as a successful commissioning practice.  Before we can verify equipment is working, we have to actually test it!  Identifying a deficiency at one piece of equipment does not afford us the luxury of condemning all equipment, unless we’ve actually tested it and found it to be true.