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What Makes a Building Better?

The answer depends on YOU. What are your goals for your building?

In order to achieve your goals for your building, we provide several services; at the base of these services is Building Commissioning. Acting as a third party, independent commissioning service provider, we start by identifying and documenting your needs, and then we provide the process, tools, and solutions to meet those needs. We are your consultant every step of the way, and success for us is meeting your goals!

We strongly believe in the Commissioning process and the value it adds. Our website not only contains information about our company and services, but will provide you with details on the commissioning process as well.  We are happy to educate anyone who cares to listen on what the process is, how it should work and why it is going to become standard practice in the construction industry.

Please contact us if you’d like to learn more. We would be happy to visit and educate you and your staff on the services we provide.

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What the Heck is Building Commissioning?

Posted by Tama Wagner at Jul 21, 2014 5:39 pm

I began working with ZH Commissioning in February, with a very slight understanding of Building Commissioning… just the knowledge I had gained from their website. All I knew was that these two guys who started their business 3 years ago were extremely passionate and excited about it. My first day here, Ian gave me a rundown of what Building Commissioning was by drawing a diagram and explaining how the process works, in a way that someone like me, who isn’t involved in the process every day, could understand. I knew right away why Ian and Chris were so passionate. It’s a much-needed process that not many people know is out there, and it must be done honestly and accurately in order to be effective.


So… What is Commissioning?

The Short Version:

According to ASHRAE Guideline 0, The Commissioning Process, defines commissioning as “a quality-oriented process for achieving, verifying, and documenting that the performance of facilities, systems, and assemblies meets defined objectives and criteria”.

My Version:

Let’s start by putting you in the shoes of a building owner. You are in charge of a building project, and you’re having a brand new library built in your town. You have a pretty good idea of what your needs are for this building. What would you do first? You’d most likely start by hiring an architect to design it… right? Then, after the architect has finished designing your building there’s going to be construction, with several different contractors bidding on the project. Then once the contractors are chosen, they’ll start building your building. It’s going to be exactly what you wanted, right? Most likely it will not.

Building a new building is a huge undertaking. A Commissioning Provider is there to ensure that your needs for your building are met. They will be there during the entire process. Ideally, Commissioning should be there before design has begun. Why? They start off by documenting your requirements for your building. This document is called Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR). This is the basis for everything going forward on your project. This document is different for every building owner because every owner has their own wants and needs for their building. Additionally, this document may change as needed throughout the project at the owner’s approval.

The Commissioning Authority will be your third-party advocate, in other words, he or she will make sure to ask the questions you may not know to ask in the first place. By asking questions and documenting answers, the amount of issues that will arise during construction are minimized. The Commissioning Authority will also be there to help handle any problems that do arise.

Additionally, throughout each phase of your project, the Commissioning Authority will take the necessary steps to make sure your requirements are met. How? By keeping communication open, performing tests on your building’s systems, documenting these tests and questions along the way, and then attending systems training to ensure the training is thorough. Months later, when the project is finished, and the architects and construction workers are gone, the Commissioning Authority will come back to make sure the building systems are still working efficiently.


Why is Commissioning Important?

We could write an entire blog on why Commissioning is important… and we may do that later. But, basically, Commissioning is important because, as I mentioned earlier, the Commissioning Authority acts as a third set of eyes and your advocate throughout every phase of the project. Think if you were buying a used car… mostly likely, you wouldn’t buy a used car without having your trusted mechanic “approve” of the purchase. Why would you trust that your new multimillion dollar facility is going to be up to par without having someone on your side approve it? That someone is a Commissioning Agent.


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