ZH|Cx is a third party independent Commissioning Services provider.  Embracing the commissioning process and dedicating our efforts to successfully implementing this process is our mission.  ZH|Cx can achieve the success of the commissioning process at low financial impact to the project. Understanding the owner’s project requirements is a must in order to build a solid foundation to ensure success.

ZH|Cx is diligent about filling voids often experienced between the owner’s project requirements, design teams intent and contractor\subcontractor contractual obligations.  Our services continue through substantial completion, the one year warranty period and throughout the life of the building. The success of designing and constructing an efficient building is becoming the norm; operating the building in this same efficient manner is a necessity and often overlooked. Offering our industry leading Systems Manual and personnel training, ZH|Cx provides the tools necessary to ensure the building systems continue to operate as intended long after the construction dust settles.

We strongly believe in this process and the value it adds.  The website contains information to not only educate you about ZH|Cx; but about the commissioning process as well.  We would love the opportunity to teach and educate anyone who cares to listen on what the process is, how it should work and why it is going to become standard practice in the construction industry.


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