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Energy Management

We define Energy Solutions as a commonsense approach to reducing the utility costs for your building(s). By identifying past and current energy use data, comparing that data to like buildings, and developing a goal to reduce costs, we develop the energy solution that is right for you.


Commissioning is a quality control process that ensures buildings are planned, designed, constructed and operated according to your specific requirements. Simply, commissioning is the most effective way for your building to reach is maximum potential.

Retro Commissioning

Retro-Commissioning, troubleshooting, problem-solving; whatever you’d like to call it, we would like to help you find answers to the issues your existing building is experiencing.

Infrared Thermal Imagers transform heat emitted from an object’s surface into useful visual data. Thermal Imaging is the art of decoding these images and providing meaningful insight into the data gathered. We typically use thermal imaging in troubleshooting scenarios.

Thermal Imaging
Building Envelope Testing

Building Envelope Testing is a way to quantify the amount of air infiltration or leakage a building has. A blower door is used to induce pressure on a building so that air leaks can be identified and measured. These measurements are used to determine the level of tightness a building has achieved.

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