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Thermal Imaging

Those who understand their potential have used Thermal Imagers for decades. Recent increases in energy costs and an overall shift towards higher efficiencies have placed thermal imagers back into the building science discussion. However, there is nothing new about their potential. In the hands of an experienced thermographer, these imagers become a powerful tool in areas such as diagnostics and troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, roof leaks, building envelope testing, and much more.

We often use the thermal imager in conjunction with the blower door to help easily and quickly identify air and thermal breaks in new and existing buildings. At the same time, we’ve had success diagnosing everything from water leaks to misaligned pumps, motors, and impellers.

A thermal imager should not be used as rigid, definitive proof of a situation or scenario. Rather, a qualified thermographer should use the imager to help point the construction team in the right direction, at the right location, quickly and easily.

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