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Chris Zerhusen and Ian Holten formed ZH Commissioning (ZHCx) in February 2011. Their goal was to build a company that was third-party and truly independent to build the best relationship with the Owner. Being independent allows ZHCx to provide thorough and truthful information to the Owner in order to make the Owner’s building the best it can be. This, in turn, provides the basis of a long-term and trusting relationship.

Since the company has began, the services ZHCx provides has expanded from simply Building Commissioning to other services such as Retro Commissioning, Energy Management, Thermal Imaging, and Building Envelope Testing. These services have been added because they support Chris and Ian’s goal of making a building better for the Owner.

ZHCx continues business today by constantly improving processes to create the best experience for the Owner. Because ZHCx is a small company, the owners and team have the most leeway to provide custom services for a project, and completely focus attention on the tasks at hand.

Our Team
Chris Zerhusen

Describing Chris as, “Passionate about Commissioning,” is an understatement. After observing a void in the industry, Chris devoted his career to implementing the commissioning process. During the ten years Chris has been practicing commissioning, he has obtained two credentials associated with his career passion—CxA and CEM. In 2011, his dream became a reality when he and Ian founded ZHCx.
Ian Holten

Always asking the question, “How can I make this better?” Ian is constantly exploring and studying new ways to broaden his knowledge of the building sciences to enhance every project in which he is involved. Ian is willing to take the time to do things right—even when they aren’t the easiest—to build trust with his clients. Ian’s dedication to constant improvement has served as a solid foundation for fostering success, project after project.
Tama Wagner
Business Operations
Certified Cx Tech

As Tama has been working on project sites, she has developed knowledge in Lighting Systems. She has used her high attention to detail and proficient organization skills and applied them to lighting and lighting control testing. This includes design reviews, sensor layout and set up, centralized system programming, and system commissioning.
Jonathan Glover
Mechanical Engineer

As a systems-oriented engineer, the opportunity for a hands-on experience with varying building systems and equipment, and the chance to work with new, energy saving technologies, is what guided Jonathan toward the field of commissioning. His dedication to detail and process improvement enhances all aspects of the projects in which he is involved.
Jo Zerhusen
Financial Operations

Jo began working with ZHCx when it first launched in 2011, bringing with her over 26 years of experience. She is responsible for the financial workings of ZHCx, from invoicing clients and follow-up to all other aspects of everyday financial duties for the company. Jo's dedication and responsible attitude keep the business-end of ZHCx running smoothly.
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