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About Us

Chris Zerhusen and Ian Holten formed ZH Commissioning (ZHCx) in February 2011. Their goal was to build a company that was third-party and truly independent to build the best relationship with the Owner. Being independent allows ZHCx to provide thorough and truthful information to the Owner in order to make the Owner’s building the best it can be. This, in turn, provides the basis of a long-term and trusting relationship.

Since the company has began, the services ZHCx provides has expanded from simply Building Commissioning to other services such as Retro Commissioning, Energy Management, Thermal Imaging, and Building Envelope Testing. These services have been added because they support Chris and Ian’s goal of making a building better for the Owner.

ZHCx continues business today by constantly improving processes to create the best experience for the Owner. Because ZHCx is a small company, the owners and team have the most leeway to provide custom services for a project, and completely focus attention on the tasks at hand.

Our Team
Our Team
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