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Bloom-Carroll Middle School


Carroll, Ohio


Bloom-Carroll Local School District


Retro Commissioning

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Ian Holten and Chris Zerhusen of ZH Commissioning were engaged by SHP Leading Design to provide Retro Commissioning Services, with the purpose being to assist the project team in finding direction on how to resolve a myriad of operational and functional issues facing the District with their recently opened middle school. The list of major problems included Frozen Hydronic Coils in multiple pieces of air handling equipment, Cold Building/Hot Water Plant Control and Reliability Issues, ArctiChill Heat Recovery Chiller dysfunction, building pressure Issues, lack of fresh air ventilation, and a stalled project team with confusion on responsible parties.

As a third-party commissioning authority, Chris and Ian could approach the project with an unbiased viewpoint. This allowed them to discover items that had not yet been reported to the Owner.


The results of the commissioning findings were disclosed with the project team assembled at the project, including the Owner, and deficiencies were discussed and assigned to the appropriate parties for resolution with buy-in from all parties. Chris and Ian then verified the corrective actions for all findings. The result of the effort allowed Bloom Carroll to finally utilize their new school as intended with a level of reliability and comfort previously unseen.

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