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Kenton County Library

William E. Durr Branch


Independence, Kentucky


Kenton County Library


Retro Commissioning

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ZH Commissioning led the retro commissioning process for the Durr Branch of the Kenton County Libraries. This successful project has lowered the energy costs of the facility 32% and maintenance costs by roughly 75%. compared to our baseline year.

William E. Durr Library had struggled with high energy consumption since its completion in 2006. The building’s HVAC system consists of a centralized, water-to-water, geothermal heat pump plant, 4-pipe hot and chilled water distribution, 5 VAV air handling units and an under-floor radiant heating system.

The retro commissioning process uncovered and resolved deficiencies related to the design and installation of the original project. In late 2009, ZHCx was hired to develop a Systems Manual and train the library staff on the operation and maintenance of the facility.

Now, into our fourth year as serving as the energy manager for the library, as of 2013 actual dollar savings for this one branch total $97,091, while weather normalized avoided costs total $95,032.

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