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Maintenance Consultation

ZH Commissioning realizes that even after successful project completion, building owners and operators are tasked with providing long-term preventative maintenance solutions. Typically, that solution comes via one of two ways; in-house maintenance staff or a preventative maintenance (PM) contract.

ZH Commissioning is excited to provide a new solution for preventative maintenance challenges: PM Consultation Services. While each service will vary depending on your exact needs, we have found great success by offering our industry leading Systems Manuals and Training Services for maintenance staff.

This preventative maintenance model combats the all-too-often reality that happens as buildings age; their performance decreases as their age increases. Our experience tells us this is a direct result of maintenance personnel not understanding the intent of the building systems, sequence of operations, and system benchmarks. ZH Commissioning PM Consultation Services are designed to provide documentation, training, and knowledge for your buildings’ maintenance staff.

What does this provide for you? On past projects, our clients report higher comfort levels for the building occupants, lower maintenance costs, and lower energy bills. These are direct results from arming maintenance staff with the proper knowledge of the systems and their intent.

ZH Commissioning offers continued support for your building’s maintenance and energy challenges. It happens often that clients will keep ZH Commissioning involved with their buildings by allowing us to track monthly energy usage and performing quarterly maintenance audits. These measures help to ensure the consistent performance of your building.

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