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Moerlein Lager House

Moerlein Lager House


Cincinnati, Ohio


Moerlein Lager House



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ZH Commissioning led the commissioning effort for this new, LEED Certified, 25,000 SF, family-friendly restaurant and micro-brewery located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The facility is constructed on top of the County-owned parking garage.


Heating and Cooling is provided via Geothermal Units located throughout the facility. Each unit ties into a centralized Pumping Station utilizing a one-way Geothermal Piping System (pump and dump). This system utilizes river water as a means of heat transfer.

Additionally, an Interactive Lighting Control System is installed throughout the restaurant. Lighting Control is delivered via a fully programmable lighting control panel with dimming and daylight harvesting. Several different lighting scenes are available to the Owner via time-of-day scheduling.

Local controls as well as a web-based graphical interface are included. The domestic water is heated with a centralized and highly efficient water heater.

The commissioning processes helped this highly visible and time-sensitive project meet its Grand Opening date.

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