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Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Advanced Power and Thermal Research Lab


Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio


United States Army Corps of Engineers



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Mr. Holten was the lead Commissioning Authority working with Messer Construction to complete this 23 million dollar lab renovation project. The commissioning process helped to avoid rework and delays on a complex mechanical system.

The Advanced Power and Thermal Research Lab is 100% outside-air provided via 6 VAV air handling units connected to high accuracy venturistyle VAV boxes. Comprised mostly of labs and test cells, the pressure relationships throughout the building are tightly designed, including two clean rooms and one dry room. A glycol based heat recovery system is connected to the building’s exhaust systems. Twin chillers in lead/standby configuration are served by twin open cell cooling towers. Heating is provided via base-supplied steam piped into shell and tube heat exchangers for heating hot water. Due to the 100% outside air design, humidification is required in the winter months. The humidifiers are served by a building wide RO Water System.

Photos by emersion DESIGN LLC

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